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Propunk AU: Where Rachel never got a chance to say goodbye.

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You didn’t feel it?
         We have a   c o n n e c t i o n.

You didn’t feel it?

         We have a   c o n n e c t i o n.

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Why can’t we go back to simpler times? Like when all Sarah had to worry about was burying a body

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bUT IMAGINE: tony walks into Felix' loft w beer & pizza spontaneously, and he sees helena on the couch. and hes jest like 'got any room for me?',and then helena just looks at him all confused like 'who are you? you are not sestra' and next thing you know, sarah walks in on helena carefully inspecting tony's mullet. & shes giggling and trying to make mickey mouse ears out of it. they're both high&very very drunk AND HELENA LOOKS UP AND THROWS A PEACE SIGN LIKE TONY TAUGHT HER TO AND SARAH FREAKS



OK, but counter IMAGINE:

- Tony understanding how Helena looks at Sarah because he knows what it means to have family when you never really have.

- Helena and Tony exchanging stories about growing up, quietly in a corner

- Sarah in danger, Felix freaking out, Alison and Cosima chattering about what to do and Tony sees Helena, grabbing the case with her rifle. She meets his eyes, he nods once and goes to distract Felix, Alison, and Cosima while Helena slips out the door…rifle case in hand, quietly feeling for the weight of the knife. 

- Tony and Helena going shot for shot at the bar

- Tony and Helena, charm and courtesy, layered over darkness and scars…somehow, unexpectedly, understanding one another 

sestra!beth au: everyone likes to call her during work via her clone/work phone and sometimes she’s gets tired of it.


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what if Satan’s name was misspelled once and he’s actually just Stan

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Orphan Black Characters (Moments of season 2)

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